Hydrovac truck is unloading slurry for recycling


We believe that true value is built on customer service excellence, LEAN thinking to save our customers time and money, embedding sustainable environmental practices into every aspect of our business, and an unwavering dedication to safety.

At Ontario Excavac, we view value through the eyes of our customers.  Our LEAN thinking means that we focus on quality and productivity, eliminating wasteful activity while achieving an overall lower job cost. Savings are passed on to the customer.  This is how we deliver on our promise to get more out. We will leave your job site better than how we found it.

We are proud to be the only hydrovac excavator in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with a state-of-the-art hydrovac soil processing and recycling facility. New in 2017, we recycle and reuse all the materials generated in our daily work. In addition to reusing these valuable resources, our facility reduces both carbon emissions and costs to our customers by cutting long-distance driving to dispose of waste materials.

Less time spent on the road means more time can be spent working productively on the job site. We have recently expanded with new OE locations in the Hamilton and Barrie areas.

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Your liability for excavated soils increases on January 1, 2021.  Are you ready?

Work with Ontario’s only one-stop-service.  From digging to disposal, we’ve got you covered.

According to the new Ontario Regulation 406/19, if you order the work, you will have liability for the proper disposition of your excavated soils. Your risk and liability have increased.

For us, it’s business as usual. We are Ontario’s only hydrovac company offering our customers complete & compliant, end-to-end service including our on-premise soil disposal, processing, and recycling facility. We can help you navigate through your business-critical changes ahead so you can rest assured.  We understand the approvals, designations, criteria, and exemptions.  In fact, the Ministry of the Environment sought our counsel on best practices in the development of these expanded responsibilities for our customers.

Our 2.5-hectare hydrovac waste disposal and processing site is approved by the Ministry of the Environment and fully complies with Ontario environmental regulations.  All waste is tested against industry best practices in order to ensure compliance with soil standards.

If you have questions on what the new regulations mean to your business, speak to one of our experts at: 416-749-0005.

Read the new Ontario Regulation 406/19 here.

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Better Value for Our Customers – Guaranteed

We work hard to provide our customers with the best value across all our services.

We know that comparing the cost of hydrovac services based on an hourly rate alone is not an accurate measure of customer value.  However, this is how most other hydrovac companies measure their cost competitiveness. The problem is that other additional costs are often hidden. For example, hourly hydrovac rates do not account for non-value-added costs and activities such as travel and disposal time that can often amount to up to 40% of a customer’s total services bill.

A more accurate measure of customer cost and value is based on the total services bill divided by working time on the job site. Our no-surprise pricing focuses on reducing our customers’ total services bill while continuing to offer competitive hourly rates for hydrovac.

Only Ontario Excavac can achieve significant savings for our customers through our LEAN thinking approach that ensures effective sequential workflow planning and execution coupled with our on-premise soil disposal, processing, and recycling facility that eliminates unnecessary travel and wait times.

The result is increased value for our customers by eliminating waste, significantly improving productivity and saving them time and money. That’s our LEAN Savings Guarantee.  Try our cost calculator to find out how much you could save by working with Ontario Excavac, today.


At OE, our service can’t be beaten. Our LEAN operations save customers time and money while our central GTA, on-premise, state-of-the-art soil processing and recycling facility turn your hydrovac waste into clean, reusable materials that are good for the environment. That’s what we call the OE Advantage.

The OE Advantage



We view value through the eyes of our customers. Our LEAN processes ensure that our customers save time and money while maximizing quality, productivity, and safety on every project with OE.



From digging to disposal, we’ve got you covered.  Our central GTA, on-premise soil processing and recycling facility cut our travel time to and from work sites, reducing our carbon emissions and disposing of waste safely.



We care about the impact on our environment.   We process hydrovac waste to recycled water, reclaimed sand, repurposed silts and clays, and aggregates for reuse – right on our premises.



Our unbeatable combination of LEAN SAVINGS, our end-to-end services, and our sustainable environment practices mean cost savings for our customers.  Your budget goes towards productive time on your job site.