We view value through the eyes of our customers.

LEAN thinking is a simple and cost-effective approach we apply every day and on every activity throughout our company. LEAN’s main purpose is to eliminate non-value-added activity. We review everything we do and, in an orderly way, eliminate waste wherever we find it. That’s our LEAN Saving Guarantee.

Running LEAN means:

  • Eliminating delays or crews waiting around needlessly
  • Eliminating unnecessary equipment movement or transportation
  • Avoiding duplication of effort or eliminating unnecessary activities
  • Planning jobs to remove overqualified resources
  • Eliminating excess materials

LEAN thinking means that our customers save time and money.  Our unbeatable combination of LEAN thinking, sustainable practices and our on-premise soil processing and recycling facility ensures that our customers’ budget goes toward productive time on their job site.  That’s the OE Advantage.

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Learn more about LEAN and how it saves you money.

Our forward-thinking team is proud to show you how you will get more out of doing business with Ontario Excavac.  Learn the most important principles of LEAN with our series of training videos below.  You will learn:

  • LEAN thinking and the benefits to everyday operations
  • Continuous flow and improvement
  • How to eliminate waste and maximize value
  • Our 5-step process for improved productivity and reducing costs
  • Why it’s important to standardize work procedures
  • Practical problem solving

1. Introduction to LEAN Thinking: You Save Big While We Focus on Quality and Productivity

Our team is LEAN trained to identify and eliminate waste and pass savings on to our customers.

2. Continuous Flow: You Get More Out in Less Time for Less Cost

Sequential workflow planning and execution reduce wait-times. Our onsite soil recycling facility eliminates unnecessary travel.  The result is significantly improved productivity – all to save you time and money.

3. Waste and Value: Digging Smarter, Every Time

You’ll get more value out of your project with Ontario Excavac because we strive to eliminate the 7 most common causes of waste for every customer we serve.

4. Workplace Productivity: Delivering Top Performance – On and Off the Job Site

Our 5 step process improves workplace productivity, reduces costs for our customers and ensures an unrelenting focus on safety – our track record proves it.

5. Standardized Procedures: Innovative Solutions to Get More Out

Using the latest technologies, we standardize safe work procedures to make your projects flow cost-effectively.  Standard work sets the foundation for continuous improvement.

6. Practical Problem Solving: We Won’t Stop Until You’re Happy

At Ontario Excavac, we are proud of our problem-solving culture.  No job is too big or too small when it comes to applying LEAN thinking to get more out of every project for our customers.


For more information about our LEAN Savings Guarantee, please contact Barry Wood, CEO.  Call: 416-749-0005 or email: