We work hard to provide our customers with the best value across all of our services.

We believe that best value is built on customer service excellence, industry expertise, innovation, environmental stewardship, and an unwavering commitment to safety.  Our LEAN thinking approach means that we focus on quality and productivity, eliminating wasteful activity while achieving an overall lower job cost for our customers. This is how we deliver on our promise to get more out and we will leave your job site better than how we found it.

We are proud to be the only hydro excavator in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with a state-of-the-art hydrovac soil processing and recycling facility. New in 2017, we recycle and reuse all of the materials generated in our daily work. In addition to reusing these valuable resources, our facility reduces both carbon emissions and costs to our customers by cutting long-distance driving to dispose of waste materials.  Less time spent on the road means more time can be spent working productively on the job site. With our convenient, central GTA location coupled with on-site soil processing, our focus is on reducing our customers’ total services bill, while offering competitive rates.  We have recently expanded our locations to include the Hamilton and Barrie areas.

The OE Advantage



We view value through the eyes of our customer. Our LEAN processes ensure that our customers save time and money while maximizing quality, productivity, and safety on every project with OE.



Our GTA, on-premise soil processing and recycling facility cuts our travel to and from work sites. Our fuel-efficient, next-generation hydrovacs are on the road for less time – reducing our carbon emissions.



We care about the impact on our environment.   We process hydrovac waste to recycled water, reclaimed sand, repurposed silts and clays and aggregates for reuse – right on our premises.



Our unbeatable combination of LEAN thinking and our on-premise soil processing and recycling facility means cost savings for our customers.  Your budget goes towards productive time on your job site.


You Get More Out In Less Time For Less Cost.

Our LEAN thinking approach ensures cost and time effective sequential workflow planning and execution. Our onsite soil processing and recycling facility eliminates unnecessary travel and wait times. The result is significantly improved productivity – all to bring more value by saving our customers time and money.

Delivering more for less cost

Our convenient GTA location, on-premise disposal and recycling facility cuts travel & disposal time and more! Cost savings are passed on to our customers.

Let’s Compare:

Travel & Disposal Ontario Excavac Competition
Hourly rate $250 $250
Average travel time to job site 1.00 1.25
Average travel time from job site to dump site & back to shop 1.00 2.25
Average dumping time 0.75 0.75
Travel & Disposal Ontario Excavac
Hourly rate $250
Average travel time to job site 1.00
Average travel time from job site to dump site & back to shop 1.00
Average dumping time 0.75


Travel & Disposal Competition
Hourly rate $250
Average travel time to job site 1.25
Average travel time from job site to dump site & back to shop 2.25
Average dumping time 0.75

Cost saving calculator

Choose the competitor’s hourly rate and then the amount of estimated hours on the job site (1-7 hrs). The calculator will compare the total cost based on time spent on: job-site, travel and dumping.

Cost Saving Calculator

Insert competitors hourly rate

Number of hours on job site (excludes travel and dumping time)

Ontario Excavac Total Time Ontario Excavac Total Cost Competition Total Time Competition Total Cost
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Ontario Excavac Cost Saving to Customer vs Competition



Customer Service Excellence

Ontario Excavac’s reputation for quality customer service comes from our practice of working in partnership with our clients. When you contact Ontario Excavac, one of our customer service specialists will respond promptly and efficiently, listen to your needs, and provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand quote.

You can count on Ontario Excavac for no-surprise pricing, with no hidden extras. Decades of industry experience on some of the most challenging job sites means that we have the expertise to estimate jobs accurately and deliver them on time and on budget. If the scope of a job doesn’t change, our quote won’t change.

Whether you have a future project or an emergency, we will respond to your unique needs.

Email us at

Fax us at 905-738-1485 (monitored Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm)

For emergencies call our 24/7 hotline at 416-749-0005

easy quote


LEAN thinking is a simple and cost-effective approach we apply, every day and on every activity throughout our company. Lean’s main purpose is to eliminate non-value-added activity. We review everything we do and, in an orderly way, eliminate waste wherever we find it.

Running LEAN means:

  • Eliminating delays or crews waiting around needlessly
  • Eliminating unnecessary equipment movement or transportation
  • Avoiding duplication of effort or eliminating unnecessary activities
  • Planning jobs to remove overqualified resources
  • Eliminating excess materials

Learn More About LEAN

Learn the most important principles of LEAN thinking with our series of training videos.  You will learn:

  • LEAN thinking and the benefits to everyday operations
  • Continuous flow and improvement
  • How to eliminate waste and maximize value
  • Our 5-step process for improved productivity and reducing costs
  • Why it’s important to standardize work procedures
  • Practical problem solving

For exclusive customer access to our series of LEAN training videos, call 416-749-0005 or email:; or

Environmental Stewardship

We care about the environment we live and work in and we believe that environmental stewardship is the most cost-effective solution now and for the future.

When Ontario Excavac innovates operational improvements, we consider how to lessen our environmental impact. Our hydrovac trucks are designed to be powerful yet quiet, helping to limit noise pollution. Half of our hydrovac fleet uses vegetable oil as the hydraulic lubricant. We use rotating water nozzles to minimize damage to the dig site. We can excavate at a distance of up to 900 feet from our hydrovac trucks – an industry record – to help protect sensitive environments.

Ontario Excavac’s Onsite Soil Processing and Recycling Facility

Our onsite soil processing and recycling facility, new in 2017, is a demonstrated commitment to sustainable and cost-effective operations.  This commitment is crucially important in the costly new regulatory environment related to fuel taxes, tolls, hydrovac weight restrictions and the disposition of hydrovac soil materials.

  • The only hydro excavator in the GTA with our own 94,000 sq. ft. facility housing the OE fleet and our soil processing and recycling facility
  • We get more out for the environment as nothing we collect through our daily work goes to landfill
  • Reductions in time, fuel, and emissions are passed on to customers in cost savings
  • State-of-the-art facility separates and recycles water, sand, and soil aggregates for re-use
  • Fully compliant with evolving environmental regulations

Our Recycling Process

Debris collected at job site is unloaded at our on-premise recycling facility

Debris is separated and sorted into aggregate, sand, silt and clay

Recycled materials are ready for re-use

Water is separated, cleaned and re-used throughout the process

Industry Veteran

We care about helping our customers perform their work effectively – by putting site safety and customer satisfaction first on every job.

When customers work with Ontario Excavac, they gain the value of highly experienced staff and customized equipment developed over 20 years in the hydro excavation industry. With a proven track record at more than 100,000 job sites across Ontario, we have the expertise to meet the challenges of any job site or emergency requiring our services.

  • Ontario Excavac has Alternate Locate Agreements with most utility companies so that we can be the first on site to begin excavation
  • Ontario Excavac maximizes time-on-tools so that we provide our customers with the most productive and cost-effective service
  • Ontario Excavac only uses rotating water nozzles to maximize digging power without damaging buried infrastructure. We never use straight tip water nozzles because they can slice through buried lines, pipes, and cables when used at high pressure

Safety Advocate

We care about the safety of our customers, staff, and the public because unsafe work practices can damage utilities, destroy property, cause injuries, and even claim lives.

Ontario Excavac is committed to the highest standards of safety for people and objects above ground and buried infrastructure underground. Daily, our excavation crews work on or near busy roads and in proximity to buried electrical and gas lines. We train our operational staff and crews to work with a focus on safety at all times and in all environments.

We are COR certified through IHSA accreditation for our ongoing safety training, standards, and practices.

Customers who work with Ontario Excavac benefit from our long-standing status as an industry safety advocate and our compliance with provincial and industry regulations.

  • We never dig without valid locates from Ontario One-Call
  • We have Alternate Locate Agreements in place with most utility companies, meaning our dig clearance requests are quickly processed by Ontario One-Call and we can be the first on site to begin excavation