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Protecting our Environment, Now and in the Future

We believe that doing what’s right for the environment shouldn’t cost you more.

At Ontario Excavac, the work we do impacts not only our customers but the environment too.  That’s why we focus on leaving every job, site, and experience better than how we found it.  Embedding sustainable environmental practices and LEAN thinking into every decision we make is just how we go about our business.

Our dedication to safety, sustainability and cost savings for our customers makes Ontario Excavac leaders in the industry and the go-to choice for providing environmentally responsible, sustainability-focused services to the underground utility sector.

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Sustainable Environment Practices

OE is the only hydrovac company in Ontario that offers its customers a convenient Central GTA, on-premise soil processing and recycling facility. Our trucks spend less time on the road, reducing unnecessary travel and carbon emissions.  With safe, secure, and quick hydrovac soil disposal, we can get back to your job site faster – saving you time and money.

All the hydrovac waste generated in our daily work is recycled for reuse into water, silts, clays, and aggregates. Our 2.5-hectare hydrovac waste disposal and processing site is approved by the Ministry of the Environment and fully complies with Ontario environmental regulations. All materials are tested to ensure compliance with provincial soil regulations.

  • We are the only hydro excavator in the GTA with our own 94,000 sq. ft. facility housing the OE fleet and our soil processing and recycling plant
  • Nothing we collect through our daily work goes to landfill
  • Our state-of-the-art facility separates and recycles water, sand, and soil aggregates for re-use

Our commitment to protecting the environment extends well beyond soil processing and recycling to everyday operational practices.  We capture and divert rainwater from our roof for reuse within our plant.  We use high efficiency LED lighting throughout our facility, cutting down on energy consumption.  In the winter months, while ventilating our facility to meet code requirements, we repurpose the exhausted warm air to heat our outside operations.

We embed LEAN principles and promote sustainable practices in all our operations – eliminating wasteful activities that impede progress and ensuring improved value for our customers.

Watch our video to learn more.

Addressing Climate Change

The planet is warming, weather patterns are changing and becoming more extreme. Taking action now is essential to create a positive change that’s needed to protect our planet.  The business sector has a crucial role to play in reducing its impact on the environment in order to ensure healthy prosperity in the future. Climate-friendly technology is an important measure to help address the planet’s changing climate.

 At OE, our fuel-efficient, whisper-quiet, next-generation hydrovacs are designed to be powerful, yet quiet, reducing noise and air pollution. Our convenient, Central GTA location means that trucks are on the road for less time – reducing our carbon emissions. Less time spent on the road means more time can be spent working productively on the job site.

Eliminating unnecessary travel is just one of the ways our customers get more out of our LEAN thinking approach to the services we provide.  The result is significantly improved productivity – all to save you time and money. Reductions in time, fuel, and emissions are passed on to customers in cost savings.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Our custom fleet is equipped with the latest hydrovac technology for safe, fast, and damage-free excavation. Half of our hydrovac fleet uses vegetable oil as the hydraulic lubricant. We provide full site restoration services with precision excavation that is non-destructive, with lower noise and air pollution and lower carbon emissions.

We specialize in keyhole, trenchless, and other minimally invasive underground repairs to minimize damage to the dig site. We can excavate at a distance of up to 900 feet from our hydrovac trucks – an industry record – to help protect sensitive environments.  What’s more, our customers benefit from our on-premise soil disposal, processing, and recycling facility that turns hydrovac waste into valuable resources for reuse.

Ontario Excavac is the only hydrovac company that offers a combined focus on safety, sustainability, and savings. Our commitment to sustainable environmental practices is crucially important in the costly new regulatory environment related to fuel taxes, tolls, hydrovac weight restrictions, and the disposition of hydrovac soil materials.

Read our 2020 Sustainability Report.

That’s sustainability at its core.  That’s the triple bottom line win – People, Planet and Prosperity.