Ontario Excavac Sustainability Snapshot – 2019

What We Believe

At Ontario Excavac, we believe in leaving every job, site, and experience better than how we found it.

We believe in:

  • Continually increasing our customer’s value through the application of LEAN enterprise
  • Maintaining a top safety rating and building risk mitigation into our entire operation
  • Embedding sustainable environmental practices into all aspects of our business model
  • Nurturing a high-performance culture and a highly engaged workforce

Every day, we strive to help our customers Get More Out of their projects with Ontario Excavac. Below are some highlights of our success:

We care about our customers, the public, and our staff. We have the track record that shows we never compromise on safety.

A Level Green



Employee Safety Training


COR Certified Top Rated Contractor


Lost days in 2 years

We care about the environment we live in and work in. We believe that sustainable environment practices are the most cost-effective solutions now and for the future.


Liters of water recycled and reused


Reduction in Carbon Footprint


Tonnes of gravel, sand & clay diverted from landfill


Tonnes of reclaimed sand

We view value through the eyes of our customers. We strip out the non-value-added activity for the lowest cost of service and increase productivity while maintaining the highest quality. We ensure that the right resources are working on the right activity.

50% Gains

Increased Productivity with Sequential Workflow Model


Amps Replaced Per Crew, Per Day


Reduction in Daily Transportation


Savings on Total Daily Costs Passed Back to Customers