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Transforming Underground Utility Services

As an essential services business operating in these extraordinary times, it was more important than ever to consistently apply the right resources, at the right time, in the safest ways available.  We continued to focus on sustainable environmental business practices.  We achieved some significant reductions in our carbon footprint and made gains with our recycled materials – all which is detailed in our report.

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Making Gains With Sustainability

Few would disagree that 2020 was a challenging year.  Amid a pandemic, businesses had to double down on the health and safety of their employees, their workplaces, their finances, and their tenacity to survive.  Priorities changed and evolved as the pandemic changed and evolved.  The learning curve was steep, adaptation was paramount, and redefining normal was a moving target.  Although the pandemic will one day become a distant memory, protecting our people and the environment in which we live, and work remains a pressing priority.

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2020 Sustainability Report



2019 Sustainability Report


Pioneering sustainable hydro excavation, restoration, and rehabilitation for underground utilities

We are pleased to provide our 2019 Sustainability Report.  For 25 years, Ontario Excavac has been working with forward-thinking utilities, governments, and other companies across the province to maintain Ontario’s vital infrastructure. Providing hydro excavation, repair, renewal, and rehabilitation services at over 11,000 job sites in 2019, OE has the proven expertise to leave every job, site, and experience better than how we found it.  In 2019, we continued to focus on strengthening the pillars of our business – Safety, Sustainability, and Savings for our customers, which are highlighted in our report.

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2019 Sustainability Report