Employees inside recycling plant

Sustainable Hydro Excavation

We are proving that what’s good for business can also be good for the environment.

Ontario Excavac is committed to sustainable and cost-effective operations.  We are the only hydro excavator in the GTA with our own 94,000 sq. ft. facility housing the OE fleet and our soil processing and recycling facility.

As a leading provider of hydro excavation services, we have a responsibility to our customers, our industry and our community to continue to innovate all aspects of hydro excavation while never compromising on safety and always respecting the environment in which we live and work.

No job is too big or too small when it comes to applying LEAN thinking.  We standardize safe work procedures to make projects flow cost-effectively.  Standard work sets the foundation for continuous improvement.  We strive to eliminate the causes of wasteful activity to save our customers time and money while ensuring sustainable and ethical environmental practices every step of the way.

What’s unique about Ontario Excavac is that we view hydrovac waste as a valuable resource awaiting its next use.  When hydrovac slurry is processed in our recycling facility, water is extracted and reused throughout the recycling process and to refill hydrovac trucks. Fine aggregates and sand are washed and extracted to meet the Ontario Provincial Standard Specification and are often used to refill excavated holes.  Silts and clays are converted from waste into clean fill. Our facility is ECA approved.  All materials are tested to ensure compliance with new Ontario provincial soil regulations.

Read our 2019 Sustainability Report.

We are striving to process 100% of all the hydrovac waste we receive and recycle it into materials ready for valued reuse.

Our Recycling Process

Waste collected at job site is unloaded at our on-premise facility

Waste is separated and sorted into aggregate, sand, silt and clay

Recycled materials are ready for repurposing and reuse

Water is separated, cleaned and reused throughout the process