When customers work with Ontario Excavac, they gain the value of highly experienced staff, customized equipment, and specialized services developed over decades in water distribution.

Assessment and Renewal

Ontario Excavac offers the latest innovation and technology to address the most complex water asset repair, cleaning and renewal projects for both residential and commercial infrastructures.

Primary Support Services

  • Water main condition assessment and renewal using ClearLine technology
  • Condition assessment of water mains using remote sensing technologies
  • Cleaning and preparation of water mains for structural and non-structural repairs
  • Non-structural and structural renewal of water mains
  • Waterbox and curb stop repair/replacement
  • Water lateral line replacement
  • Lead pipe replacement
  • Water main break repairs
  • Larger water valve replacements

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ClearLine Live Main Assessment Technology

Acoustically detects leaks, synchronizes with a video showing internal corrosion and degree of pipe constriction.

Water Main Cleaning and Lining Technology

  • Reduces waste by up to 98% using very little water
  • Lowers operating costs for distribution networks
  • Improves drinking water quality
  • Rejuvenates hydraulic capacity of pipes
  • Delivers industry-leading surface preparation for coating or lining
  • Service interruptions are in hours – not days
  • Provides potential for a same-day return to service, avoiding the need for expensive bypass water supply
  • Internal or external spot & full repairs