Delivering Excellence in Hydro Excavation

We care about adapting to the changing regulatory landscape while continuing to provide the best quality services at the lowest overall cost.

For more than 20 years, Ontario Excavac has provided high-quality, cost-effective services in hydro excavation, sub-surface utility mapping, debris removal, and daylighting.  We are located in the GTA, Hamilton, and Barrie areas.

Hydro excavation is the go-to approach for safe, fast, and damage-free soil removal using a combination of high-pressure water and high-flow vacuums. Non-mechanical and non-destructive, hydrovac technology is widely recognized for its safety and cost benefits, including the following:

  • Protects underground infrastructure: hydro excavation does not damage buried utility infrastructure
  • Efficient: hydro excavation is fast and able to access difficult locations up to 900 feet from our trucks
  • Precise: hydro excavation digs precise shapes and depths, minimizing soil removal and environmental impact
  • Cuts restoration time and costs: precise digging limits excavation to what’s needed and requires less backfill
  • Cost-effective: efficiency + precision + low restoration costs = best value and lowest overall excavation costs
  • Year-round excavation: hydro excavation keeps going, even on the coldest days of winter
  • Enables safer mechanical digging: hydro excavation safely exposes buried infrastructure prior to digging

photo of workers holding a vacuum pipe down a hole

Water Main Assessment and Renewal

Ontario Excavac offers the latest innovation and technology to address the most complex water asset repair, cleaning and renewal projects for both residential and commercial infrastructures.

Primary Support Services

  • Water main condition assessment and renewal using ClearLine technology
  • Condition assessment of water mains using remote sensing technologies
  • Cleaning and preparation of water mains for structural and non-structural repairs
  • Non-structural and structural renewal of water mains
  • Waterbox and curb stop repair/replacement
  • Water main break repairs
  • Larger water valve replacements

Before and after image of clean pipe

ClearLine Live Main Assessment Technology

Acoustically detects leaks, synchronizes with a video showing internal corrosion, degree of pipe constriction.

Water Main Cleaning and Lining Technology

  • Reduces waste by up to 98% using very little water
  • Lowers operating costs for distribution networks
  • Improves drinking water quality
  • Rejuvenates hydraulic capacity of pipes
  • Delivers industry-leading surface preparation for coating or lining
  • Service interruptions are in hours – not days
  • Provides potential for a same-day return to service, avoiding the need for expensive bypass water supply
  • Internal or external spot & full repairs

photo of men work on site restoration

Specialized Services

When customers work with Ontario Excavac, they gain the value of highly experienced staff, customized equipment, and specialized services developed over decades in the hydro excavation industry.

Precision hydro excavation

  • Digs holes and trenches in a variety of shapes and depths


  • Exposes buried infrastructure for repair and damage prevention

 Site restoration

  • Soft or hard surface (including unshrinkable fill, concrete, and asphalt)
  • Landscaping: interlocking brick, patio stone, decks

Clean-outs and debris removal

  • Pits, storm-water catch basins, elevator shafts, conveyor assemblies

Sub-surface utility mapping and locates

  • Quality Level A confirmation of sub-surface infrastructure

photo of men working on job site

Gas: Primary Support Services

  • Cut-off at main
  • Amp riser replacement
  • Cathodic protection
  • Valve clean-outs and repairs
  • Service relay replacement using trenchless technologies
  • Emergency damage response

Customer Satisfaction Across Multiple Sectors

Ontario Excavac has a track record of customer success in a number of sectors, including utilities, oil and gas, transportation, industrial and real estate, construction and surveying at more than 100,000 job sites.


  • Gas distribution: multi-year, exclusive services contract with a major natural gas utility
  • Electricity distribution: major supplier to leading electrical utility contractor
  • Water: multi-year exclusive services contracts with the City of Toronto

Oil and Gas

  • Pipeline daylighting
  • Compressor station upgrades


  • Road construction and repair
  • Multi-year contracts for snow-melter pit and storm-water basin cleaning
  • Mass transit right-of-way and station construction

Industrial and Real Estate

  • Conveyor system clean-downs
  • Sub-division construction
  • Elevator shaft cleaning


  • Foundation construction
  • Day-lighting of adjacent utilities
  • Service disconnection and re-connection

Utilities Mapping

  • Underground utilities survey mapping
  • Full GPS survey capabilities

Ontario Excavac has the expertise to meet the challenges of any job site or emergency situation requiring our services. We work hard to be the best choice in hydro excavation, rehabilitation and renewal and to provide our customers with the best value.