OE Recieves ORCGA Award


Ontario Excavac Receives Excavator of the Year Award

Ontario Excavac was the proud recipient of the Excavator of the Year Award – Electric, at the 2020 ORCGA Damage Prevention Symposium.  This prestigious award recognizes best in class digging practices and is determined by each contractor’s individual damage rate.  A damage rate is a calculation dependent on the volume of locates requests, measured against the number of digging related damages to underground infrastructure. Input from infrastructure owners is also used in the determination. To qualify, excavators must have a minimum of 500 locate requests to Ontario One Call.

“The work we do impacts not only our customers but the public and our environment too,” said Barry Wood, CEO of Ontario Excavac.  “Our unwavering dedication to safety is an essential element of the work we do every day because unsafe work practices can damage utilities, destroy property, cause injuries, and even claim lives. Our team is very proud to receive this important award.”

Ontario Excavac continues to be a strong advocate for improvement in industry safety standards and practices to ensure a safe work environment.

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