Employee holding hard hat with truck in the background


We care about our customers, the public, and our staff – and we have the track record that shows we never compromise on safety.

Ontario Excavac is committed to the highest standards of safety for people and objects above the ground and buried infrastructure underground. Daily, our excavation crews work on or near busy roads and in proximity to buried electrical and gas lines.

We are industry safety advocates because unsafe work practices can damage utilities, destroy property, cause injuries, and even claim lives. Our operational staff is rigorously trained in vehicle and equipment safety, hazard identification and assessment, traffic control, and on-site safety for every job. Our crews are trained to work quickly and effectively with a focus on safety in all environments.

Unlike some hydro excavation companies who use a single person to operate their hydrovacs, OE is committed to always using two-person crews to ensure the safest operating environment and adherence to regulatory best practices. A two-person crew on hydrovacs is not only safer but it is also more effective at worksite execution.

Customers who work with Ontario Excavac benefit from our long-standing status as an industry safety advocate and our compliance with provincial and industry regulations.

  • We never dig without valid locates from Ontario One-Call
  • We have Alternate Locate Agreements in place with most utility companies, meaning our dig clearance requests are quickly processed by Ontario One-Call and we can be the first on-site to begin excavation
  • We only use rotating water nozzles to maximize digging power without damaging buried infrastructure. We never use straight tip water nozzles because they can slice through buried lines, pipes, and cables when used at high pressure
  • We are early and active promotors and contributors of safe work practices with the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) and the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA)
  • We pioneered safe hydrovac vehicle design by moving operating instruments and controls to the truck’s curbside and adding fall arrest tie-off points on the vehicle
  • We are a founding member and first chair of Hydrovac Alliance of Ontario (HVAO), an advocate for industry best practices for safe work on buried underground infrastructure

Our continuous commitment to safety includes the following:

  • Extensive safety training and orientation for new operators
  • Periodic refresher courses for up-to-date safety knowledge
  • Safe Work Practices Compliance Officer on staff
  • Field Safety Compliance Officer ensures safety protocols are maintained before vehicles leave and on-site
  • Highly regarded Safety Advisor on retainer
  • Registered A-level GREEN performer with ISNetworld®, a safety qualification program used by many contractors
  • We are COR certified through IHSA accreditation, meeting the national standard for our ongoing health and safety training, standards, and practices