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We believe in leaving every job, site and experience better than how we found it.

Ontario Excavac has built its reputation on providing exceptional customer service. We respond promptly, effectively and efficiently, we listen to your needs, we provide easy-to-understand quoting with no hidden extras, and we deliver quality services on time and on budget. Simply, we put our customers first.

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A Leader in Hydro Excavation, Rehabilitation, and Renewal

We care about our customers’ success. We help them achieve their goals even in the most challenging situations.

Hydrovac is the go-to approach used by utility service providers and others for damage-free soil removal, especially in urban areas, and is widely recognized for its safety and cost benefits.

With over 20 years of experience at more than 100,000 job sites, Ontario Excavac (OE) is an expert in hydro excavation of underground utilities and is the largest service provider in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  We now have new, convenient locations to serve our customers in the Hamilton and Barrie areas.

As an experienced provider of hydrovac services, Ontario Excavac provides daylighting, debris removal, and sub-surface utility mapping for utilities, oil and gas, transportation, industrial and real estate, construction, and engineering sectors.  OE provides full surface restoration of soft and hard surfaces including sod, asphalt, and concrete.  OE has acquired leading technology for rehabilitation and renewal of water and gas services, including condition assessment, pipe cleaning, repairs, plus non-structural and structural renewal.

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We care about delivering consistent quality to our customers – and our well-trained, experienced, hard-working staff make this happen.

Ontario Excavac’s success comes from the dedication of our skilled and experienced staff: industry leaders and innovators, experts in hydro excavation, hydrovac technology, rehabilitation and renewal, safety advocates, and customer service specialists. We know how to dig faster and better, and we take great pride in doing the job right every time.


We have proven expertise to solve the most challenging job requirements.

Do you need to excavate a tight space or have a unique excavation challenge?  We can help. Our expert team can problem-solve even the most complex job site demands and get your project completed in less time, at less cost, and with less risk.  Call us today at 416-749-0005.

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Our LEAN thinking process means you save big.

Our team is trained in LEAN thinking to eliminate wasteful, non-value added activity. We focus on quality and productivity by looking at value through the eyes of our customers – saving you money while never compromising on safety.  You get more out of every experience with Ontario Excavac and we will leave your job site better than how we found it.  Guaranteed.

24/7 Emergency Hotline

We’re at your service when you need us most. OE is widely recognized as the most responsive hydrovac service provider in the GTA.  To serve our customers even better, we have added convenient locations in the Hamilton and Barrie areas. Our emergency hotline is staffed 24/7. Our skilled customer service reps are on standby for emergency calls, armed with GPS for real-time tracking of our fleet. All-day, every day, they are ready to dispatch the services you need for the fastest, most effective emergency response.